Scott Gietler's Bio

Although I took up photography later on in life, I've completely immersed myself in it, specializing in wildlife and underwater photography. Moving to California from New York opened up an entire new world of sailing, diving, and outdoor adventure that I experienced less frequently in the urban jungle. I've recently travelled to Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Central America, South America and South Africa to enjoy being one with nature, wildlife, and when possible the underwater world.

Sharing with Others

I've always had a passion for teaching and sharing what I have learned with others. It started when I was a math and chemistry tutor in high school, and continued on when I taught adults at New York University. Recently I've decided to share my passion for photography with others, creating the website the Underwater Photography Guide, leading underwater photography trips and teaching classes & workshops locally.

And now...

Whenever I'm not working, I'm shooting photos above or below water with my Nikon D300, editing photos, working on my websites, or trying to convince my wife or friends to meet up to take photos. Nudibranchs, birds, cheetahs, koalas, landscapes, manta rays and large schools of fish are all game. Thanks for visiting my web site.